Pioneering solutions for EV powertrain

Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric UK Innovation Center (TEIC) opened a UK based R&D centre to support the launch of the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our history

Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. (TEC), a subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited, is the world’s leading suppliers for global power solutions for railway transportation, infrastructure and utility.

Innovation through expertise

We aim to develop and apply advanced power electronic, machines and drives “PEMD” technology to automotive electric vehicles, rail, and renewable energy sectors.


We are looking for talented people to join our team.

Pioneering Solutions for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

CRRC TEIC is the UK branch of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co. LTD. (TEC), a global leader in power supply solutions for railway transportation, infrastructure and utilities.

TEC is a global organisation which as been instrumental in shaping the transport industry for over 50 years, with locations in over 25 countries. TEC is a leader in propulsion and control systems for trains and electric vehicles, signalling systems, power supply solutions, platform screen doors, rail maintenance vehicles, marine engineering equipment and numerous associated components.

Converting electricity from a direct current to an alternating current to drive motors and provide power.
DC-DC Converter
Provides power for the drivetrain and adaptable for EV and HEV.
On-Board Charger
On-Board Charger (OBC) providing means to recharge vehicle battery from charging stations.
TEIC In Action
TEIC have utilised years of knowledge and experience within the transport industry to develop and produce the latest modern power electronics systems.

Careers at TEIC

TEIC is growing and looking for talented individuals to join our team. Visit our careers page to find out more about exciting career opportunities with TEIC.
Modern power electronics systems
TEIC will support the launch of the next generation of electric vehicle systems.
Dedicated engineering and design teams
Supporting system integration and optimisation bringing cost and performance benefits to each application.

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